Breathtaking Pool Waterfall Design Ideas

pool waterfall

Whether you enjoy relaxing afternoons floating in the water, or a playful round of “Marco Polo” with the kids, a backyard swimming will provide years of fun in the sun. A pool eliminates the need to pack up towels, sunscreen, and swim goggles and trek across town to your local community pool. You can just open the door and enter paradise.

The addition of a pool waterfall can create a greater sense of serenity through soothing water sounds and cascading water sights. An experienced pool builder can help you custom design a pool waterfall that fits within your budget to transform your outdoor living space into a tropical oasis.

Spa Spillovers

An in-ground spa that is elevated anywhere from six inches to eighteen inches (twelve and eighteen inches are most common) above the pool adds another dimension to the design. To create a spillover effect, the walls of the spa are set lower than the water level, so that the water overflows into the pool. Raised spas can be custom designed using a wide range of material options.

Rock Waterfalls

A rock waterfall allows water to cascade over multiple tiers of rock into the swimming pool below. Rock waterfalls can complement most any pool design – especially tropical and lagoon-style pools. They can be built in any size or shape. It’s worth noting that the availability of natural boulders and other rock types may vary by geographical location. A good alternative is artificial rock.

Grotto Waterfalls

Add a sense of mystery to your pool waterfall design with a grotto. A real backyard pleaser, a grotto is a rock waterfall with a secluded, covered area beneath it that entices swimmers to explore what’s behind. In the water, grottos can feature a rock bench, which is large enough for a few people to sit and enjoy the waterfall spilling over in front of them together. You can also outfit a grotto with an overhead slide.

Light Up Your Waterfall

Illuminate your waterfall design with energy-efficient LED spotlights that provide targeted lighting. Small LEDs can light up each tier of rock or major alcove in the stone. LEDs are available in a variety of color and multi-color options. The latter would be great for creating a stunning nighttime display. LEDs can help refract light and color off the pool’s water as well.

How To: Cool Your Pool During the Summer


During the summer months, Arizona’s extended run of triple-digit temperatures can heat a swimming pool to uncomfortable temperatures, making it feel like you’re stepping into a bathtub. If your pool has a depth of 6 feet or less, or receives a good amount of sunlight throughout the day, then you’ll likely benefit from adopting one of the following techniques for keeping your water temperature cool, crisp and refreshing.

Water Features

Water features are a fantastic way to add beauty to your pool while keeping the water cool. It’s a known fact that moving water stays cooler than stagnant water. Adding a simple fountain is one idea. You can also consider installing a sheer waterfall, spillway or pool slide to help accelerate the cooling process and keep the water clean.

Pool Coolers

Pool coolers are the perfect answer to uncomfortably warm swimming pools. An affordable, easy to install and energy-efficient solution, pool coolers are powered by an electric fan cooling system. The water circulates through the system, as airflow instantly removes the heat, and pumps the water back into the pool.

Shade Sails

Blocking your pool from the sun is one of the most effective ways to keep the water cool, but as most Arizonians know, shade is hard to come by in the Valley of the Sun. Shade sails are an increasingly popular option that can be placed in a variety of unique angles, giving the pool a very edgy, modern look.


A picture of comfort and style, pergolas can provide ambient shade with just the right amount of filtered light over the pool, provided they are correctly installed. Pergolas can be constructed using a number of high-quality materials including wood, stone, and rock. Aside from providing shade, they also help to add value to your home. Win-win!

Water Slide

water slide

Who doesn’t love a good water slide? The once simple backyard pool accessories – remember, those light blue, 6-foot-tall slides? – are now available in a variety of colors, forms, heights, and shapes. Most, if not all, with exhilarating curves. Many water slides are available in both right and left curve design. During the hot summer months, water slides – whether in your own backyard or at a water park – are increasingly popular. Here’s why.

Okay, time to put on your bathing suit. It’s about to be a wet and bumpy ride.

The Basics

At its most basic level, a water slide is a relatively tame roller coaster, which is lubricated by water. Water slides must have a constant stream of water flowing from the top to the bottom. This allows you to zip down the slide without fear of friction. To maintain this stream, you must maintain a supply of water to the top of the slide. Most slides today have a pump, housed in the slide itself or near the base of the slide, which constantly recycles the water.

Water Slide Construction

Constructed with a thick, durable fiberglass runway, and reinforced by a fiberglass frame most backyard water slides have a water flow of up to 35 gallons per hour. Fiberglass is used due to its superior strength, safety, and durability – although concrete slides have become quite popular. The ladder, legs, and handrails should be constructed from heavy duty aluminum. Water slides should be directly cemented into the ground.

Most water park slides have a similar structure, but on a much larger scale. Just look at the slides at any one of Arizona’s water parks. Among the most popular are: Big Surf, Sunsplash, and Wet ‘n’ Wild. Water park slides of this magnitude are formed using dozens of fiberglass segments fastened together with heavy-duty bolts. Each segment has one end with a raised lip and one end with a sunken step; much like that of a toy railroad track.

These segments rest on a framework of steel girders, which are either positioned directly under the slide or adjacent to it, supported by sturdy cantilevers. Slides typically use completely enclosed tubes for the sharpest turns, thus ensuring the safety of its riders. Water slides, whether backyard or park, are designed and constructed with your safety in mind.

It’s really amazing how much fun you can have with a water slide.

Making Waves with a Pool Renovation

pool renovation

Ah the pool, the one thing that every homeowner dreams of, when they imagine their backyard oasis. Having a swimming pool makes beating the Arizona heat a breeze. A swimming pool creates an alluring ambiance that enhances your time spent outdoors. Investing in pool renovation can transform a boring or plain pool into a work of art. Here are some of the more popular pool renovation ideas.


Technological advancements such as LEDs can make a big difference in your backyard. LED fixtures are among one of the more cost-effective updates that can transform the area. Depending on the model, LEDs can create light shows, either below the water or anywhere in the pool area. LEDs are more energy-efficiency compared to standard lights.

Waterline Tile

“Out with the old and in with the new.” New waterline tile can dramatically alter the look of your pool. Waterline tile choices are endless: Smooth concrete, glass, quartz, and other decorative tiles all add interest to your pool’s interior. This update goes great with pool resurfacing or new decking.

Salt Water Systems

Salt water systems may conjure visions of invigorating ocean swims, but they are not as nearly as salty, nor as unsanitary (if properly maintained). The benefits of salt water systems are many: They allow the pool water to be gentler on the skin, and despite popular belief, do not use much salt.

Automatic Levelers

These simple, cost-effective levelers automatically maintain the water level of your pool, so you do not have to. They add convenience and peace of mind. Automatic levelers, whether built-in or aftermarket, protects your pool from water evaporation and your equipment from burnout. They are the perfect solution for worry-free pool refills.

Automatic Covers

Automatic covers can be installed on a wide range of pools, regardless of shape or size, and provide a number of benefits for homeowners. Automatic covers provide peace of mind knowing that there is another layer of protection between the pool’s water and your loved ones. They also save you money on heating, chemical, water, and electricity costs.

Fire Features

Make a statement with the use of fire in and around your swimming pool. From glowing fire pits and fire bowls, to blazing tiki torches and fire troughs, the options for making a striking visual are endless. Fire features have the added benefit of providing ambiance when entertaining or enjoying the pool at night.

Energy-efficient Pool Pumps

Although new pool equipment may not be exciting to look at, it will save you money in the long run, while being much less noisy. Energy-efficient pool pumps can run at different speeds, compared to conventional pool pumps with only one speed, allowing you to save considerable energy and money.

Pool Resurfacing

This is one of the best things you can do for your pool. Smooth pool plaster, available in a wide variety of colors, is the among the most affordable pool resurfacing options. In a desert environment, however, surfaces such as Pebble Tec® and glass match the natural surroundings much better than plaster. Making them a popular choice among homeowners.

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Water features for your pool

If you are looking to enhance the look of your pool, and increase the value of your home, consider adding water features to your pool. Features such as fountains, waterfalls, slides, swim-up bars, and rock formations can add beauty and elegance to your swimming pool. Become the envy of your neighbors as you create a contemporary aquatic environment perfect for hosting barbecues and family outings. For inspiration, please enjoy this gallery of water features installed by Platinum Pools: