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Custom Built Arizona Pools & Spas | AZ Platinum Pools & Spas Design Process

Platinum Pools & Spas Home Builders

Platinum Pools and Spas is the preferred swimming pool builder for many of Arizona's top homebuilders. Very few pool builders can meet the standards that homebuilders require, let alone exceed them.

Throughout the years, the ownership of Platinum Pools and Spas has worked directly with more new homebuilders than any other pool builder in Arizona.

Not only is Platinum Pools and Spas the value builder for homeowners, we are honored to work with the finest local and national homebuilders. We have a growing list of quality homebuilders who have chosen Platinum Pools and Spas to represent them as their “Preferred” pool builder.

If you are working with one of our homebuilders, be sure to ask about their pool program. Your builder believes in the value of a Platinum pool, so go ahead and call us. In most cases, your new pool can be included in your mortgage, and construction can begin before you take possession of your home. As the “Preferred” pool builder, Platinum Pools and Spas provides the extra confidence needed when making the decision to include a pool with your new home.

A few of the benefits of building a pool with our homebuilder pool programs include:

  • Mortgage Ability

    Including your pool in the first mortgage will result in more competitive interest rates and longer terms than second mortgage financing resulting in lower monthly payments. Most appraisals will also include the value of your pool.
  • Savings

    Eliminate potential extra costs and hidden fees for items such as tight access excavations, fence removal, landscape repair and sidewalk replacement.
  • Quality Craftsmanship

    Homebuilders ensure only the best-qualified construction professionals are used on your home. Platinum Pools and Spas has been selected as the exclusive pool builder because of that same commitment to excellence.
  • Coordinated Scheduling

    Coordinating with the homebuilder will eliminate unnecessary delays by establishing a smooth transition between home construction, landscaping, and pool installation.
  • Grading and Drainage

    The integration of home, pool and landscaping may be certified to meet all municipal requirements, thus reducing the likelihood of potential water damage caused by improper drainage.
  • Swim Sooner

    Whether your homebuilder offers a “dig and hold,” or a “swim ready” pool program, you and your family will be swimming much sooner than starting after close of escrow.
  • Warranty Protection

    Have the confidence of knowing that the comprehensive pool warranties provided by Platinum Pools and Spas are backed by the additional protection provided by many homebuilders.