4 Custom Pool Designs We Love

A swimming pool, whether built for fitness or entertaining, offers a satisfying way to escape from the Arizona sun. A custom pool builder can design and construct a pool in any shape or size as well as with a variety of features to create an oasis that you can conveniently retreat to for an afternoon swim during the summer.

Here are four custom pool designs that we at Platinum Pools and Spas love.

Lap Pools

If you have health and fitness in mind, a lap pool may be for you. These pools, often built to be narrow and long, will allow you to meet the American Heart Association’s minimum exercise recommendations. Typically, lap pools are rectangular, which may allow for installation in a side yard. The perfect size for them ranges between six and eight feet wide and 45 and 60 feet long.

Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are ideal for yards where space is limited. While their small size makes them better suited for relaxing activities, such as lounging in the water on a hot day, they also require less maintenance. That makes them an incredibly cost-effective option. Plunge pools can be built in several different shapes and with such features as a waterfall or massage jets.

Infinity Pools

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A modern design, infinity pools produce a visual effect of having a disappearing edge, which makes them an excellent fit for properties built on a cliff or that have stunning views. The main pool is constructed along with a smaller secondary pool, the latter of which is used to filtrate the water and pump it back into the main pool. That process allows for cleaner and clearer water. 

Freeform Pools

The only rule that applies to freeform pools is that there are no rules. They can take on virtually any shape, even irregular ones, and be built in a variety of sizes. If you have a specific shape in mind, then you’ll want to talk to a custom pool builder about freeform pools. A wide range of features such as grottos, hot tubs, waterfalls, and more can be built with these pools to create a splash.

Make your swimming pool dreams a reality by contacting Arizona’s preferred custom pool builder, Platinum Pools and Spas. Whether you want one of these designs or have something else in mind, our skilled pool designers can provide you with an accurate visualization of your backyard oasis using the latest in three-dimensional technology.

We will work your exact specifications into the design. Sun angles, privacy, and other considerations are also factored into the design. Platinum Pools and Spas looks at how the house and pool can become one by relating all interior elements to exterior elements. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us at (480) 888-9200.

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