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4 Environmentally Friendly Pool Options

From design options to equipment choices, there are several ways to work with swimming pool builders to create an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient backyard oasis. Plus, if you start now, your pool will be ready before you know it. Here are just a few environmentally friendly swimming pool options for you to consider.

Choose an Infinity Pool

An infinity pool, also known as a zero-edge pool, gives the impression of the water merging into the surrounding landscape. Swimming pool builders construct this type of pool with two levels – the main area and a catch basin – which catches the water and allows continuous circulation. The added benefits here are that they help prevent evaporation and use less energy, making them a sustainable design option, which is equally stunning.     

Variable Speed Pool Pump

Your pool equipment choices can impact energy efficiency and, therefore, your wallet and your pool’s environmental friendliness. “ENERGY STAR-certified equipment can save you more than $2,900 over their lifetime, paying for themselves in less than two years, while also running quieter and prolonging the life of your pool’s filtration system” (ENERGY STAR).

Natural Swimming Pool Designs

Another sustainable design choice to discuss with experienced swimming pool builders is a natural pool. Like infinity pools, these are designed with two levels, the catch basin serving as a regeneration zone. This zone features various aquatic plants, ensuring clean and healthy water, no chlorine necessary. Also, helping to keep it clean is the fact that the water is continuously circulated, from the zone to the main pool and back again.

Consider Adding a Water Feature

One of the main benefits of integrating a water feature is circulation. Waterfalls, waterslides, fountain jets, spillover spas, and more promote good circulation and filtration by continuously moving the water. These features also provide tranquil sound effects, ideal for any waterscape, including a tropical oasis. Families may want to consider a waterslide cavern for hours of increased enjoyment.

Experienced, Licensed Swimming Pool Builders

Renowned for building premium quality water-centric outdoor living environments, Platinum Pools & Spas ranks among the nation’s most exceptional custom swimming pool builders.

All waterscapes can be further complemented by a spectrum of add-on features such as exciting waterslide grottos, gazebos to escape the midday sun, and swim-up refreshment areas.

The highest standard in swimming pools and integrated spas is “platinum,” Platinum Pools & Spas. We invite you to contact us today at (480) 888-9200 to discuss transforming your backyard into a tropical oasis.


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