4 Must-Have Swimming Pool Upgrades

Looking for a fun way to cool down this summer? Consider a new pool build from Platinum Pools and Spas, designed to your exact specifications, complete with these four must-have swimming pool upgrades to ensure clean, sanitized, and clear water all summer long.

Swimming Pool Upgrades


At the heart of every pool is the pump. It, along with the filter, is responsible for circulating and purifying the water. A top choice among pool professionals is a variable-speed pool pump. These pumps are incredibly energy-efficient and are, therefore, an economical choice. Some models are compatible with pool automation, as well; call for details.


Often referred to as the “lungs of the pool circulation and filtration system,” the filter purifies the water by effectively removing contaminants (Hayward, 2020). There are three types of filters: cartridge, sand, and diatomaceous earth. The latter is known more simply as DE filters. The type of media filter you’ll need will depend on your pool’s circulation/filtration system, size, as well as personal cleaning preferences.


Pool cleaners are designed to prevent a buildup of dirt, debris, and other pollutants by vacuuming the bottom and sides at regularly scheduled intervals. Most are operated every two to four hours, depending on the size and shape of the pool, and frequency of use. Powered by the pool pump, these cleaners also help to circulate chemicals, which helps maintain proper chemistry levels.


Extend the convenience of your smart home to the outdoors with pool automation equipment. Today’s systems allow you to control, manage, and monitor all aspects of the pool from turning on the lights to scheduling the cleaner using your smartphone or tablet. Making it even easier to use, advanced equipment can also be voice-operated; call Platinum Pools and Spas at (480) 888-9200 to learn more.

Upgrade and Save

Hayward Rebate

Now, through July 4, invest in swimming pool upgrades and save when you purchase four or more Hayward products.* To be eligible for a $500 rebate, you must buy four pieces of qualifying pool equipment, including a variable-speed pool pump plus your choice of filter, heater, lighting, cleaners, automation, or sanitization.


To qualify for a $500 rebate and five-year extended warranty, you must choose five pieces of eligible equipment, including a variable-speed pool pump and your choice of filter, heater, lighting, cleaners, automation, or sanitization. Both swimming pool upgrades require professional installation by Platinum Pools and Spas.

*For new pool builds started by August 1, 2020. Please call for additional details or to schedule an appointment.

The Platinum Standard

Platinum Pools and Spas is recognized as one of Arizona’s premier swimming pool contractors ranking among the most exceptional custom pool builders in the nation. Our company is renowned for building superior quality residential and commercial pools and spas that are complemented by a spectrum of outdoor living creations. As an authorized Hayward pool professional, Platinum Pools and Spas offers an extensive selection of swimming pool upgrades that provide energy-efficient, reliable performance. Schedule an appointment today at (480) 888-9200.

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