4 Tips for the Best Underwater Pool Images

underwater pool images

Have you ever wanted to dip your toes into underwater pool photography? Backyard swimming pools provide a safe, calm, and controlled environment in which you can take awe-inspiring images of your children, pets, and objects. In this article, we describe some of the most basic tips any budding underwater photographer should know, and incorporate into their images.

#1: Protect Your Equipment

No matter which system you use to take underwater images – your phone, a point-and-shoot camera or a DSLR – you will want to make sure and purchase a separate waterproof case or underwater housing. There are many types of waterproof cases available that will ensure your peace of mind. Look for a case with a good grip. If using your phone, consider a Lifeproof case.

#2: Shoot Midday

The best time to shoot underwater pool images is midday when sunlight travels intensely and is bountiful in the water. This type of lighting will bring out colors and take away shadows. Be sure to take advantage of all angles that this light provides. When conditions aren’t in your favor, you can use artificial lighting, but be careful to avoid particles around the person or object you’re photographing.

#3: Get Up Close

Get close, then get closer! The most important principle to remember when taking underwater pool images is that you need to shoot through a minimum of water according to underwater photography experts. Getting up close and personal with your subjects provides better clarity and contrast as well as bright colors. This is the best way to take awe-inspiring images.

#4. Use Props

Be creative when bringing in props. Balloons, pool toys, umbrellas, and skateboards are all fun. Household items are also good choices. Use props to create whimsical and stunning images. While not a prop, bubbles are a great way to create interest in a photo, and also a fun excuse to splash water in your subject’s direction. You can also Photoshop in some props.

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