Arizona Pools and the Monsoon Season

The monsoon season is upon us once again here in Arizona which means your pool will probably be filled with dust and debris from the blowing winds. Not to mention the added water from the torrential downpours we experience from time to time. Keeping your pool clean during the monsoon season can be challenging but here are a few tips that will help keep your pool swimmable during the rainy season.

Prepare for the Storm
It’s a good idea to cover your pump and filter with a tarp if they are exposed before a storm. Secure your lawn furniture and tie down any loosely rooted trees or plants. Use a blower or pressure washer to clear loose dirt from your decking and patio so that it doesn’t end up in your pool. Close any open umbrellas and put inflatable pool toys away in a safe storage area. Don’t run your filter during a storm as it may become too full of dirt.

Remove Debris and Dirt Quickly
After storms you will often find branches, leaves, lawn furniture and dirt polluting your pool. It’s important to remove debris and vacuum dirt as quickly as possible after storms. The longer you leave remnants of a storm in your pool, the harder it will become to clean. Be sure to clean the skimmer as well since will surely collect a lot of the debris.

After the Storm
While a downpour may help fill your pool with water, it can also severely affect the pH balance. Once a storm has passed be sure to test all of the chemical levels in the pool. You may even want to take a sample of pool water to your local pool store to have it professionally tested. Check the pressure of your pool filter to see if back-washing is required or if you need to clean filter cartridges as well.

Monsoons are inevitable in the Valley of the Sun, but with a little preparation and diligence you can keep your pool up and running during this blustery season. Keep your landscape well maintained, trees trimmed, and loose grass and leaves raked to help lessen the effect on your pool when storms hit.

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