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Arizona’s Leading Commercial Pool Contractor

The construction of swimming pools is not limited to residential properties. There are countless benefits of hiring a commercial pool contractor, such as Platinum Pools and Spas, to build and install a swimming pool on commercial properties. A pool can improve a business’s property value and enhance the experience their customers or guests receive. The latter has the potential to benefit the company’s operations as well.

Commercial Pool Contractor

Arizona is home to many resorts, recreational facilities, and fitness venues, and other types of businesses in which having a pool can be incredibly advantageous. Adding a community pool in a condo or apartment complex is an excellent idea as well. They can be constructed indoors or out, on the ground or a rooftop, and in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate any space. Many of the same residential design ideas and features can also be used for commercial properties.

Homebuilders can provide their clients with a pool, often wrapping its cost into the home’s mortgage through the builder’s pool program. These builders have strict standards that commercial pool contractors must meet to be part of their program. Platinum Pools and Spas is proud to announce that not only have we met those standards, we have also exceeded them! Our company has been selected as the preferred pool builder for a growing list of the nation’s most prominent and respected homebuilders as we are committed to providing excellent quality and service.

The Platinum Standard

Every pool is constructed to our company’s rigid specifications, something we call “The Platinum Standard.” Higher construction standards result in a superior quality pool for resorts, hotels, communities, and apartment complexes throughout Arizona. Commercial pools can be complemented by a full range of backyard living creations such as swim-up bars and spas to create the owner’s vision for fun, relaxation, entertainment, or fitness. Schedule an appointment today at (480) 888-9200, and we will create a virtual 3D conception so you can accurately visualize your commercial pool or spa.

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