Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lightingOne of the easier ways to change the aesthetics of your pool is to upgrade the lighting in your pool. Especially popular these days is LED lighting. LED lighting is a great alternative to regular incandescent bulbs for a variety of reasons.

First, LED lights will last longer. The typical incandescent light has an expected life span of 2000 to 3000 hours. That means if you run the light 12 hours a day it will last about six or seven months. LED lights on the other hand have an estimated life of 30000 hours or longer. That’s approximately 10 hours longer than an average bulb!

Another advantage is that LED lights are much cooler than regular bulbs. Heat from traditional bulbs often cause the light fixtures gasket to contract and expand. This usually results in having to change both the bulb and gasket when bulbs go out and this means more time in labor when it comes time to replace the bulb. But because LED lights run cooler, they don’t create problems with the gasket.

There is a significant difference in wattage required between traditional bulbs and LED lights. A typical incandescent light bulb for pool use runs between 300 and 500 watt. Compare that to newer LED lights that run between 45-70 watts to produce the same amount of light. It’s estimated that and LED light will save you approximately $114.00 per year compared to regular bulb. If your pool requires more than one light, the savings can add up quick. It’s true LED lights are more expensive initially, but that money is quickly recouped in energy savings. Some energy companies even offer rebates for having LED lights installed.

LED lights are more aesthetically pleasing as well. LED lights seem to just penetrate the water better and have a higher color temperature. There’s a wide variety of color options with LED lights as well. It’s also easy to match with other lighting you may have in your backyard or patio.

If you are interested in having your current pool lighting system upgraded to LED lighting, please call the pros at Platinum Pools.

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