Breathtaking Pool Waterfall Design Ideas

pool waterfall

Whether you enjoy relaxing afternoons floating in the water, or a playful round of “Marco Polo” with the kids, a backyard swimming will provide years of fun in the sun. A pool eliminates the need to pack up towels, sunscreen, and swim goggles and trek across town to your local community pool. You can just open the door and enter paradise.

The addition of a pool waterfall can create a greater sense of serenity through soothing water sounds and cascading water sights. An experienced pool builder can help you custom design a pool waterfall that fits within your budget to transform your outdoor living space into a tropical oasis.

Spa Spillovers

An in-ground spa that is elevated anywhere from six inches to eighteen inches (twelve and eighteen inches are most common) above the pool adds another dimension to the design. To create a spillover effect, the walls of the spa are set lower than the water level, so that the water overflows into the pool. Raised spas can be custom designed using a wide range of material options.

Rock Waterfalls

A rock waterfall allows water to cascade over multiple tiers of rock into the swimming pool below. Rock waterfalls can complement most any pool design – especially tropical and lagoon-style pools. They can be built in any size or shape. It’s worth noting that the availability of natural boulders and other rock types may vary by geographical location. A good alternative is artificial rock.

Grotto Waterfalls

Add a sense of mystery to your pool waterfall design with a grotto. A real backyard pleaser, a grotto is a rock waterfall with a secluded, covered area beneath it that entices swimmers to explore what’s behind. In the water, grottos can feature a rock bench, which is large enough for a few people to sit and enjoy the waterfall spilling over in front of them together. You can also outfit a grotto with an overhead slide.

Light Up Your Waterfall

Illuminate your waterfall design with energy-efficient LED spotlights that provide targeted lighting. Small LEDs can light up each tier of rock or major alcove in the stone. LEDs are available in a variety of color and multi-color options. The latter would be great for creating a stunning nighttime display. LEDs can help refract light and color off the pool’s water as well.

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