Constructing Your Pool – Time Frame

building-custom-poolWe were recently asked by a client if we started building a pool in February, would the pool construction be completed by summer time. It’s a good question but one that is hard to answer. Really what it comes down to is the scope of the project. Will it just be a swimming pool? Will you have a spa attached? Will there be work on the surrounding patio area? Do you want specialized pool tile and decking? These are just a few of the questions to consider when planning a pool build.

But to give you a general idea, here is a quick rundown on the typical pool build process.

Layout – This is when a project manager will visit your yard and make all the necessary calculations and measurements. The outline of the pool and placement of pool equipment is marked as well.

Excavation – Every in-ground pool starts with a big hole in the ground. This step is where the tractors and dump truck show up and dig the ground where the pool will be.

Plumbing – Here is where all the lines of your pool filtration system, jets, and other water features are installed and pressure tested.

Steel Reinforcement – A skeletal structure is built based on the design and load weights required for your pool. This will ultimately support the shell of your pool.

Electrical – Any wires required will be laid to connect power to the pool pump and filter from the house. Wires will also be ran for lights in the pool and surrounding lighting features.

First Inspection – This is the point where the city will come and inspect the pool build to make sure all municipal codes are being met.

Shotcrete – This step is where we build the concrete shell of your swimming pool using a technique called shotcrete. This method is to ensure the highest degree of strength and longevity.

Water Features and Hardscapes – During this step, we’ll add a rock waterfall, landscape lighting, fire pits, barbecues or other hardscape or water features.

Deck and Tile – Here is where the deck and tile that you have chosen is poured and installed.

Cleanup and Final Inspection – Crews clean up all the debris and the city comes back for a final inspection.

Pool Start-up – It’s finally time to start up all the powered mechanical equipment to insure everything is running smoothly and properly.

So, as you can see, there are many, many steps in building a pool. This is why we would advise you to be wary of any pool company that promises to build a pool within 30 days or less. You can be sure they are skimping on quality somewhere, and will cause you many headaches in the future.

If you are considering having a pool built, the best bet is to call Platinum Pools. We will go over all the options and give your realistic expectations on how long your pool build will take!

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