custom pool design
Your custom pool building project begins with an experienced and skilled pool designer aiding you in the creation of the design of your pool.

Using the latest in 3D computer technology Platinum Pools and Spas will provide you with a realistic visualization of your pool and backyard.

We will assist you in designing and constructing the pool of your dreams. Starting with sharing your ideas, thoughts and needs, we’ll go to work to incorporate those considerations and features into your pool design, reflecting your personal tastes.

At Platinum Pools and Spas, we spend the time and effort to assure that your pool is unique as you are. We view each project as an extension of our client’s individual personality and lifestyle. We factor in sun angles, privacy, drainage and the architectural style or theme of your home. We design from the inside out by creating site view from key rooms in the house. We look at how the house and pool become one by relating all interior elements to exterior elements.

Whether you want your pool to have a Beach entry, Fountains, Spillways, Caves, Grotto’s, Waterfalls or a Spa, we can provide virtually any creations that will transform the basic backyard pool into a backyard retreat.

Our knowledgeable staff is always up to date with new techniques, materials, technologies and products with an eye for exceptional design.

As a pool contractor dedicated to expert designs you will be able to see exactly what we build, before the construction process begins. Pool design as an art also requires a full knowledge of construction techniques, engineering, lighting, landscaping and all available technologies.

Our goal is to provide the utmost professionalism, timeliness, safety and superior services to our customers. We invite you to contact us and experience the quality, integrity, and respect that is carried with our name! The highest standard in swimming pools is “Platinum.” Platinum Pools and Spas.

Platinum Pools and Spas employs trade partners that are true craftsmen. The people we employ, who will construct your pool are experts in only one craft. The excavators, only excavate, the steel-tiers only tie steel, the plumber, only plumbs, tile and deck men, do only that. Some contractors choose to save money by employing in-house labor to perform a variety of pool construction phases, as jack-of-all-trades. In our opinion, that can lead to sub-standard work. We can better meet the needs and schedules of our clients and manage the pool construction process best by working with many of the trade partners we have relied on for years.

Platinum Pools and Spas also adheres to the strict criteria required for association with several of the most respected organizations locally, regionally and nationally. Through our involvement we are able to continually enhance the products we provide to our customers. As a result of these ongoing relationships, we are on the front line of industry changes and technological innovations and enhancements to the pool equipment and materials we use.

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