Enhance your pool and landscape with LED lighting!

LED lighting for Pools and SpasLED lighting for pools and spas is becoming increasingly popular mostly due to the variety of lighting effects and colors of newer systems. The visual quality is brighter, stronger and more appealing compared to older lighting systems. Not only that, but LED light is eco-friendly as they use far less electricity and can last up to six times longer than incandescent lighting.

The real attraction of LED lighting, however is the brilliant visual appeal. The lights are able to change to suit any mood or event. Today’s best color-changing LED pool lights feature numerous light options—from static colors like blue, green, magenta, red and white to dynamic pre-programmed light shows that enhance nighttime pool-scapes with rich and vibrant colors. Plus, most allow you to also choose the speed at which the colors change, further allowing you to achieve a particular ambiance.

Choosing the particular color or light show for your pool is usually a simple process of stepping through the selections until you find your desired setting. Other systems allow you to include a dedicated controller to make choosing and programming your lights even easier and synchronize LED lights in your pool or spa.

LED lights are not only great for lighting your pool, but can be used throughout your landscape to enhance the look of your pool and surrounding area.

If you have questions on LED lighting for your pool, please contact the experts at Platinum Pools.

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