As a premier swimming pool builder, we understand you have many questions regarding having new pool construction. Here are a few common questions that we receive but please feel free to contact us to learn all of the details about our custom pool packages.

Q. What is the cost of having a design consultation?
A. A design consultation is absolutely FREE! One of our Master designers will be happy to assist you in the design of your personal backyard oasis.

Q. How difficult is it to maintain a pool?
A. Some individuals choose to clean their own pools and maintain their own chemicals, however, Platinum Pools & Spas now offers very low maintenance pools that automatically clean, chlorinate and even maintain their own water levels. These systems eliminate nearly all pool maintenance, so you can spend more time enjoying your Platinum Pool!

Q. What is a play pool?
A. A play pool is usually defined by the depth of the water. A classic pool or a diving pool will be shallow on one end and deep on the other end. A play pool is shallow on both ends and deep in the middle. This allows for extra room to play and makes for a good volleyball pool!

Q. What is a salt water pool?
A. A salt water pool is created using a chlorine generator, which uses salt crystals to generate chlorine for the pool rather than requiring chlorine tablets or “free” chlorine. These generators convert the salt into a very pure form of chlorine that creates a salinity level close to that of a teardrop. Water treated by this method is easy on the eyes, feels good on the skin, and can reduce the long-term costs of maintaining a pool overall.

Q. How much does it cost to add a water feature?
A. The investment cost of water features start at just a few hundred dollars. Our Master designers will assist in selecting the water feature that fits your budget and creates the ambience desired.

Q. Is there enough room in my yard for a pool?
A. Almost any yard is big enough for a pool. Our customers are often surprised by the many pool options available for smaller yards. A design appointment with a Platinum Pools & Spas expert is a great way to find out!

Q. How do you get into my backyard to dig my pool?
A. There are a number of ways this can be accomplished, and we are experts at finding the right way to approach your project. Platinum Pools and Spas has special equipment that can enter your backyard through a space as small as a three-foot, six-inch gate!

Q. What is the typical swim season?
A. The typical swim season is from the beginning of May until the end of September.

Q. Do I have to “winterize” my pool?
A. Winterizing a pool is a practice from some of our Northern states where freezing is a considerable problem. In the arid climates such as ours, there is no need to winterize your pool.

Q. Does a pool add value to my home?
A. Yes, a pool adds considerable value to your home. A pool can also assist you in selling your home as the demand for swimming pools is high in our hot climate. It is best to contact a professional appraiser to get a better idea of the impact your pool will have on your home’s equity.

Q. Can I finance my pool?
A. Platinum Pools & Spas is proud to offer many financing programs—including one that’s just right for you! Ask your Design Consultant for details on current interest rates and programs.

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