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Five of the Most Popular Pool Shapes

Do you dream of warm afternoons, frolicking in your private pool?

Do you envision yourself lounging poolside with a mindless novel?

Do you imagine throwing epic pool parties?

These visions all have one common denominator: a pool! Before making your dreams reality, it is important to consider the location of where the pool will be built, as this will ensure the size and shape you select does not overpower your yard. Speaking of which, pool shapes should also accommodate the activities you most enjoy, whether that is lap swimming or water volleyball.

To help you make an informed decision, here are five of the most popular pool shapes. Find inspiration by searching for images online or browsing your builder’s portfolio. Equally, keep in mind that now – while there is still a chill in the air – is the best time to start your new pool build; click here to learn why.

Five Popular Pool Shapes

L-Shaped Pools

There are two types of L-shaped pools: the true-L and the lazy-L. As their name implies, these pools resemble the letter “L,” with the latter showcasing a slight angle rather than the actual letter. The longer length is ideal for lap swimming, while, the shorter length is good for splashing around. L-shaped swimming pools can be constructed with a beach entry. These pools fit easily into a corner or around house projections and are more than suitable for small backyards.

Freeform Pools

These pools are not restrained by straight lines. Instead, they are designed to take more of a curvy, organic shape. Freeform pools are ideal if you are planning a tropical or lagoon aesthetic, or space is limited; they can be constructed in a wide variety of sizes. Figure 8 and kidney shaped pools are categorized under ‘freeform.’ Of course, you can also incorporate rock and waterfall features into the design to create a natural pool, which relies on plants and other elements to filter out harmful microorganisms.

Classic Rectangle Pools

Rectangular pools are classic in that they were one of the most common shapes used in early pool design. This type of in-ground pool is designed with straight, clean lines, making them a good fit for most any architecture. Rectangle pools can be constructed to accommodate swimmers as their long length allows for strokes and turns when doing laps. Joining an infinity edge, also known as a vanishing edge, with a rectangular pool adds character. The latter is great if your home overlooks magnificent panorama.

Grecian and Roman Pools

Grecian and Roman shaped pools are modified classic rectangles. The style uses mirrored formal elements found in ancient art providing a more sophisticated look. Roman pools have stylized corners and rounded edges, while Grecian pools have cut corners, forming an octagon. These pools accentuate Tuscan or Aegean architectural homes quite nicely. This type of in-ground swimming pool needs to be custom designed to your backyard to ensure there is adequate space for their layout.

Custom Designed Swimming Pools

If none of these pool shapes appeal to you, then creating a one-of-a-kind in-ground pool that considers your specific needs, stylistic preferences and home architecture may be the answer. A custom designed pool is constructed in about eight to twelve weeks using gunite (cement and sand). Due to the versatility of gunite, the pool can be laid in virtually any shape, even your favorite instrument or object. The options for pool shapes and designs is only limited by your imagination.

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