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How Much Does a Swimming Pool Cost?

A swimming pool can transform any backyard into a watery oasis in as little three months, from design and permitting to adding water and chemicals. For many Arizonans, a pool provides a way to cool off, relax with a good book and an ice-cold glass of lemonade or tea, or entertain friends and family. Swimming pool cost varies on size, location, and features.

A pool or more accurately, swimming, also offers incredible health and wellness benefits. According to research, swimming burns between 400 and 700 calories per hour, depending on speed. Plus, it can help you build muscle because of the resistance that water provides, as well as the repetition of strokes during laps. Swimming is also great for destressing and relaxing the body.

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Cost Considerations

There are several factors that can affect the price such as size, location, and system preferences. Terrain and slope, if applicable, can also influence cost. In regards to placement, you’ll want to consider yard orientation, ensuring your pool sees a good combination of sun and shade. Municipal regulations, permitting, and homeowners association rules must also be considered. Your best bet for an accurate quote on swimming pool cost is to contact a licensed builder.

Planning Your Swimming Pool

A free design consultation can provide you with an accurate quote. During your scheduled appointment, an experienced designer will use the latest in 3D computer technology to provide you with a realistic visualization of your dream pool in your very own backyard. A designer will also consider your home’s architecture and orientation, as well as your yard’s drainage and privacy. Finally, all features that are important to you are added into the design, ensuring you get the whole picture.

You get to choose the equipment you’ll need in the next phase, but first, you’ll need to know whether you want a chlorine or saltwater pool. There are pros and cons of each, so make sure to ask the designer for their recommendation. You’ll also need to select which options you want to add. Beach entries, Baja shelves, swim-up bars, attached spas, grottos or waterfalls, and firepits are just some of the most popular add-ons. There is a wide range of interior finishing products available as well.

Get a Free In-Home Consultation Today

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*Data obtained from the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance.

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