How Swimming Can Reduce Health Care Costs

In a recent white paper by Dr. Tom Lachocki, CEO of the National Swimming Pool Foundation, Dr. Lachocki discusses how poor exercise habits, obesity, soaring healthcare costs and drowning — are related. In the paper, Dr Lachocki lays out a path toward a healthy and physically active society with fewer tragic water-related deaths and reduced healthcare costs.

Dr Lachocki outlines how physical inactivity, an aging baby boomer society, and obesity will continue to drive up healthcare costs and suggests that aquatic activity is a perfect solution for addressing these issues.

His position makes a great deal of sense, especially for senior citizens and people struggling with obesity. After all, water’s buoyancy reduces stress on joints and reduces risk of falls and injury. Additionally, he states, “Water’s mass increases cardiac and respiratory exercise, making aquatic activity ideal for historically sedentary and aging populations.”

With regards to health care costs, it also makes sense that healthier older adults and fewer obese people would bring down health care costs.

In the end, Dr Lachocki concludes “Pool, spa, and aquatic businesses, associations, health focused
organizations, and government must commit to supporting organizations that teach people to swim. More
swimmers will result in a healthier society, fewer drownings, and reduced healthcare costs, with more people engaged in a healthy spectrum of aquatic activities.”

If you would like to read the entire paper, please click here.

Platinum Pools couldn’t agree more and we are proud of our recent involvement in providing 500 free swimming lessons for children in Arizona.

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