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How to Extend Your Pool Season

As a Valley resident, you don’t have to worry about freezing temperatures, like our neighbors North-East of us in Colorado. With fall already here, and Jack Frost close on its heels, temperatures are beginning to drop. Phoenicians can soon look forward to continuous 70-degree days.

In many parts of the state, you can continue to relax or exercise in your backyard swimming pool, even during the fall. Arizona offers one of the longest swimming seasons with just under 4,000 days of sunshine.

Once the weather gets cooler, there are ways you can still enjoy dipping into your pool’s crystal clear water, such as installing an in-ground pool heater. Continue reading to learn about the available options for and the benefits of adding an in-ground pool heater.

In-ground Pool Heater Options

You have several options to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature despite the season: gas, and electric resistance heaters; pool heat pumps, and solar blankets. 

Gas heaters are desirable in most climates for several reasons. They rely on gas to continuously heat your pool and they’re reliable. You can rest assured that it will heat your pool the quickest.

Electric resistance heaters eliminate the need to install a gas line or tank for your pool but will increase your electric bill. Aside from the cost to both install and run them, your heater won’t need to run as hard as a gas heater once the water reaches your desired temp. 

Pool heat pumps are the best options for climates that stay well below freezing because their “fuel” source is the air. They’re the most energy-efficient choice but aren’t as reliable as the first two. 

Lastly, solar blankets provide great assistance for all these heaters and are relatively useful in a climate like Phoenix. They reduce the amount of heat loss from your pool and are great for nights and cloudy days. 

Average Cost to Install

There are several factors that can affect the price of a installing an in-ground pool heater such as pool size and system preferences. Contacting a licensed swimming pool contractor, like Platinum Pools and Spas, to receive an accurate quote is ideal. They will work with you to decide on the best in-ground pool heater for your specific needs.

Monthly Cost to Operate a Heater

Bankrate estimates that outside of the purchase and installation price for these types of heaters, the average operating cost ranges from zero to about $500 a month. There is no operation cost for a solar blanket, but they may be less efficient than the other options, depending on your yard orientation.

Questions? Call Platinum Pools.

Platinum Pools and Spas is recognized as one of Arizona’s premier pool contractors. We are known for contracting with Valley residents and homebuilders to construct custom swimming pool designs. The design process includes an in-home consultation.

We look at how your home and dream pool can become one by relating all interior elements to exterior elements. Our sales staff can provide you with information on pricing and financing the pool of your dreams when you contact us at (480) 888-9200.

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