How to Extend Your Pool Season

In Phoenix, residents are waking to cooler temperatures, announcing Autumn’s return to the Valley. The season between fall and winter, fall offers gorgeous colors, along with a calendar of things for residents to do and see. However, residents do not have to bid farewell to their swimming pool when they discuss having their pool contractor install a heat pump or gas heater despite these cooler temperatures.

In addition, the beauty of living in Arizona, aside from the state’s unique landscapes, is that it offers an extended swimming seasons with just under 300 days of sunshine.

Don’t have a backyard pool yet? Autumn is also an excellent time of year to begin pool construction. Contact a pool contractor today about designing your custom in-ground pool. At Platinum Pools & Spas, we are committed to working with you throughout the custom pool design process to create a stunning backyard pool that you can enjoy no matter the season when you add a pool heater.

In-Ground Pool Heater Options

There are several options for ensuring continuously comfortable water temperatures. These include heat pumps, heaters – electric or gas, and solar covers. Of course, each pool heater option has distinct advantages and disadvantages, making it essential to select the right one for your needs. Your pool contractor can help you make an informed purchasing decision based on your swimming pool’s specific design and size.

Here are three options for in-ground pool heaters:

Heat Pump: In Arizona, heat pumps provide swimming pool owners with an energy-efficient way to heat the water, as they draw heat from the atmosphere rather than using electricity or burning gas. According to Hayward, they are ideal for maintaining a constant water temperature while delivering substantial savings, so you do not necessarily have to fear high energy costs. Some models combine the benefits of a heat pump with a gas heater.

Gas Heaters: These heaters are desirable in most climates since they do not pull heat from the surrounding area, so if you live in a cooler area of the state, you may want to consider a gas heater. That option may also allow the water to reach a comfortable temperature quicker than a heat pump. As mentioned, you can unleash the best of both worlds by opting for a combination heat pump, which switches to a gas heater once temperatures drop. While electric heaters also exist, they are less energy-efficient than gas heaters and heat pumps.

Solar Swimming Pool Blankets/Covers: Another option to consider is a solar blanket, also known as a solar cover, which works to reduce the amount of heat loss from your pool to offset some of the costs associated with heating the water. Because of that, they should ideally be used with your preferred choice of in-ground pool heaters to achieve maximum water comfort regardless of the season, weather, or time of day.

Recommended Pool Water Temperatures

According to the U.S. Masters Swimming, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends pool temperatures between 78- and 86-degrees Fahrenheit, as these are generally comfortable for those engaging in various aquatic activities such as water aerobics or walking. The UMS adds that most multi-purpose pools incorporating multiple activities, such as a backyard pool, should be kept between 83ºF and 86ºF. Adding a pool heater is an excellent way to ensure these comfortable and, most importantly, safe temps.

Contact a Swimming Pool Contractor Today

Renowned for building premium quality outdoor living environments, Platinum Pools & Spas ranks among the nation’s most exceptional builders of not only custom-designed pools and spas but complete backyard retreats. We are committed to working with you throughout the custom pool design process to create a stunning backyard pool that you can enjoy no matter the season when you add a pool heater.

Enjoy even more opportunities for exercise, fun, and relaxation by discussing having the pool contractor integrate your preferred choice of spectacular add-on features such as pavilions to escape the midday sun, integrated spas for added warmth, and built-in waterfall scuppers for serenity.

Each pool or spa that our company builds is constructed to rigid specifications, called “the Platinum standard,” so you can be assured of superior quality and durable construction. Contact us today at (480) 888-9200 to discuss making your dream of having a backyard pool a reality. We can even help you finance it as we are proud to offer low-rate swimming pool financing options from HFS Financial.


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in September 2019 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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