Importance of Pool Circulation

One of the main aspects of keeping your pool in shape is pool circulation. Circulation not only helps you clean the water but also helps spread chemicals throughout the pool when they are added.

Pool water circulation is performed by your pump. The pump pulls water from your pool and pumps it into your filtration system. It’s important that your pump is the correct size to properly move all the water through the filter in a given amount of time. This is called the turnover rate.

Circulation is also aided by the jet system in your pool. Many pools have multi-directional jet systems that can be place in various positions. The advantage of that type of system is to help avoid dead areas of circulation where debris and algae can build up over time.

With proper circulation, chemicals and cleaning, your pool will remain clean and algae free throughout the swimming season. If you feel your pool isn’t being circulated properly, call the pros at Platinum Pools. We can evaluate and install filtration systems so that you can spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying your pool.

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