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Lap Pools: Perfect for Backyard Workouts

Swimming laps is an excellent way to improve endurance and cardiovascular health without stressing the body. It truly is a low-impact sport. Additional benefits include increased flexibility and reduced stress. Plus, you can crush your health and fitness goals in your backyard when you contact a professional pool builder to construct a lap pool.

What is a Lap Pool?

Lap pools are designed with performance in mind. They are typically built long and narrow to allow beginner or advanced swimmers to get in a good workout. These pools are equally ideal for relaxation and entertaining. The pool’s rectangular shape also makes it easy to do flip turns. A flip turn will enable you to quickly reverse direction so that you can do as many laps as possible during your exercise routine.

The optimal dimensions for laps pools range between six and eight feet wide and 45 and 60 feet long. They are also built more swallow than other types of pools. Homeowners with small backyards may find laps pools more appealing, as well, especially as a pool builder can construct one in a side yard to run alongside the house. Combining an in-ground spa with a lap pool can provide even more health and fitness benefits.

Olympic Size Pools & Heaters

Olympic size pools are more spacious than traditional lap pools to accommodate more swimmers and features in yards where space permits. These types of pools are always custom built to your exact design specifications. Contact a pool builder, such as Platinum Pools and Spas, to learn more. You may want to consider adding a heater, whether selecting a standard lap pool or a more extensive size pool, to ensure that you can exercise year-round.

Make your swimming pool dreams a reality by contacting Arizona’s preferred custom pool builder, Platinum Pools and Spas. Whether you want a lap pool for health and fitness, or have another design in mind, our skilled pool designers can provide you with an accurate visualization of your backyard oasis using the latest in three-dimensional technology.

We will work your exact specifications into the design. Sun angles, privacy, and other considerations are also factored into the design. Platinum Pools and Spas looks at how the house and pool can become one by relating all interior elements to exterior elements. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us at (480) 888-9200 and don’t forget to check out our monthly specials.


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