Managing Pool Systems with the Web and Mobile Apps

While you may not think initially of using the web to manage your pool, technology marches onward. And these advancements are making it easier for Commercial Pool Managers. Hayward recently released new ways of managing water quality of multiple commercial pools and spas from a single remote location on any computer, Blackberry® or iPhone® or web-enabled mobile device. is a web interface that allows pool managers to monitor pH and ORP adjustment, compliance documentation and more via the internet.

Here’s a list of some of the features and benefits:

  • Direct control of systems from any web browser
  • Monitor and display multiple facilities simultaneously
  • Receive real-time detection of pH and ORP problems
  • Color-coded alarm display, with notification via email or text
  • Up to 25% savings in labor costs yearly
  • Identify detrimental patterns and issues
  • Make better use of maintenance personnel time
  • Logs read hourly and updated every 24 hours or upon request
  • Satisfies most local recording requirements
  • Generate electronic logs of physical tasks
  • Avoid downtime, health department closures, customer liability issues

Just another way the folks at Hayward are advancing the industry. If you have any questions regarding Hayward Pool Products or other questions about your pool, please contact Platinum Pools of Arizona.

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