Pool Installation Considerations

Pool Installation Considerations

Installing a swimming pool is a great way to create your own relaxing “summer vacation” spot. It’s also a major investment that requires careful consideration. Some of the most important pool installation considerations that you’ll need to decide on include size, location, optional features, and what circulation system to go with.


The size of the swimming pool depends not just on the space you have available but also on the type of usage the pool will get. Enjoy swimming laps? Do you entertain guests? Are you one of the many Arizona homeowners with a small backyard? Ultimately, your pool can be any size you like. A good rule of thumb for lap pools, however, is 4-5 feet deep and 82 feet from length-to-length. Your pool contractor can help you plan the perfect pool size and shape based on your lifestyle.


Deciding on a location is not as easy as it sounds. Zoning regulations, slope and embankments, and utility lines can limit where the pool can go. Some municipalities may also require the pool to be fenced in or be installed a specific number of feet away from the home. It’s important to know the zoning and building regulations for your county and city. A pool contractor can help you determine the best placement for an inground pool regardless of whether your backyard is small or large.

Must Have Features

Aside from the swimming pool itself, you might want to consider additional features that add aesthetic and functional appeal such as waterfalls, grottos and beach entries. LED lighting can be installed to illuminate steps and water features. There are also umbrella supports, swim-up bars with underwater barstools, fountains, Baja shelves, slides, and fire bowls. Depending on the pool’s depth, there are also diving boards, volleyball nets and basketball hoops.

Pool Circulation System

You have several options for keeping the pool water crystal clear. The most common systems are chlorine and saltwater. Though the latter does require chlorine, the system uses a process called “electrolysis,” which produces barely noticeable amounts of chlorine. Saltwater systems also don’t require as many chemicals. Unlike saltwater, chlorinated systems cost less to install and are a bit easier to maintain, although more chemicals are required. Choosing a circulation system should really be based on personal preference.

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