Pool Pump Energy Star Specs Released

Pool Pump Energy Star SpecsFinally! The government is set to release new specifications for pool pumps to achieve the coveted Energy Star certification. While many household items and appliances have the Energy Star label, such as dishwashers, refrigerators, and washing machines, it will be the first time pool pumps are able to be given this rating. The certification has widespread implications from allowing consumers to choose more energy efficient options to allowing utility companies to offer incentives and rebates for homes using those products.

A recent final draft shows that pumps with an energy factor greater than, or equal to, 3.80 meet the Energy Star criteria. The energy factor is defined as the volume of water pumped in gallons per watt hour of electrical energy consumed by the pump motor.

However, the specifications are only the first step in the process, as testing methods and certification bodies must be approved. Additionally, products must have the features expected by consumers and save enough energy that consumers will be able to recoup additional costs through energy savings in a reasonable period of time.

Still, once approved, the Energy Star certification of pool pumps is good news for consumers and their wallets. For more information, http://energystar.gov/products/specs/node/187.

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