EcoStar variable speed pump is the most efficient pump at any speed that can save you up 90% on energy costs over a single-speed pump.
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Tristar Pool PumpHayward® TriStar® Pumps: At the heart of every great pool or spa experience.

The residential pool pump that set the industry bar for performance, energy efficiency and value. Advanced fluid dynamic technology optimizes all essential pump elements to deliver superior flow. Revolutionary motor-cooling design delivers quiet operation and extended motor life. Innovative Tri-Lock design makes the strainer cover removal easy and super-sized no-rib basket extends use between cleanings, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your pool.



Swimclear pool pumpHayward® SwimClear™ cartridge filters work longer and better between cleanings, so you have more time to enjoy your pool.

Pool and spa owners take SwimClear™ cartridge filters for granted. And we couldn’t be more thrilled. Because it means they’re spending less time cleaning their filters and more time enjoying sparkling-clean, crystal-clear water. Designed to provide maximum filtration with the least amount of maintenance, Hayward® SwimClear filters are loaded with features. Extra-large dirt-holding capacity. The ability to filter out debris as tiny as 20 microns. Quad-Cluster™ cartridge elements for longer filter cycles. Manual air relief valves. And a one-piece clamp that allows quick access to all internal components without disturbing piping or connections.


Navigator ProNavigator®Pro

Hayward® Navigator® with SmartDrive® steering cleans with precision.

First a clockwise spiral. Then a counter-clockwise spiral. Repeating as necessary until every inch of your pool’s floor and walls are clean, typically in under 3 hours. It’s the pattern SmartDrive® programmed steering uses to guide the Hayward® Navigator®, and it ensures that any debris – from pollen and sand to leaves and twigs – is effortlessly removed from your pool.  Easy to install, and operating off your existing filtration system with no booster pump required, Navigator works harder to make your life easier.
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ColorLogic LightsColorLogic® 4.0

For New Construction ColorLogic 4.0 lighting incorporates innovation and technology as the leading underwater light. It provides brighter, more vivid colors and light shows that are energy efficient, with feature rich options for pools and spas.


AquaRite-Pool-SanitizerAquaRite® Salt Chlorine Generator

The World’s #1 Salt Chlorinator. Hayward’s AquaRite® Salt system is the convenient alternative to conventional chlorine – bringing your pool the very best in soft, silky water with no more red eyes, itchy skin, or harsh odors. It’s remarkably convenient, too, automatically delivering chlorine for the ultimate swimming experience. AquaRite® is independently certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. And with the industry’s best warranty support plus 50% or more savings over conventional chlorine, no wonder it’s the World’s #1 salt chlorinator today.
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ProLogic-Automated-ControlsProLogic® Pool Automation

ProLogic pool automation offers the best value in the industry for a better backyard experience and more time to enjoy it. Pool owners can automate all work intensive functions such as filtration, heating, sanitization, balancing PH, and cleaning. ProLogic is offered in three different models for the right level of control to suit pool owner’s needs.
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Pool HeaterUniversal H-Series

Sometimes the best way to stand out is to be exceptionally good at fitting in.

Hayward Universal H-Series heaters give you something most other heaters don’t — dual right-hand and left-hand connections for your gas, water and electricity. Add that kind of installation flexibility to outstanding performance, energy efficiency and low NOx emissions and you’ve got what just might be the most perfect combination of features and benefits ever offered in an in-ground pool and spa heater.


HeatProHayward’s HeatPro Heat Pump, a high-efficiency heater, gives you the ideal water temperature while using 80% less energy than natural gas heaters. It offers an alternative way to heat your pool that is safe, reliable, and energy efficient.

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