Remote Pool Management from Hayward

Hayward Remote Pool Managment AquaConnectMost of us lead pretty busy lives and have to set aside time to work on our swimming pools only on weekends. But Hayward has recently introduced AquaConnect which will allow you to remotely control functions of your pool, spa and backyard via the internet. There’s even an app for iPhone® and iPad® for even easier access to your pools management

AquaConnect is perfect for when you are on vacation or simply on the road. The system allows you to control anything that you can from you pool controller. You can monitor your pools and spa settings, check your pH and sensitization levels to help create or maintain perfect water chemistry. No more waiting for the spa to heat up after you get home from work as you can turn the spa heater on before you get home. You can turn lights on and off, activate waterfalls and turn on sprinklers from anywhere.

AquaConnect actually gives you four different ways to manage pool, spa and backyard functions:

    AquaConnect Web allows you to use any device connected to the internet to manage you pool system from anywhere you are

    AquaConnect Apps gives you access via smart phones or tablets.

    AquaConnect Home Network lets you control your pool and spa from any device connected to your home network.

    AquaConnect Home Automation integrates with your existing home automation system so you can control you pool and spa on the same system you control your home theater or lights with.

The system not only provides a superior level of convenience, it also allows you to conserve energy and save money as well. Be sure to visit Hayward’s website for more information.

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