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Spring Maintenance Tasks for Your Pool

The arrival of spring ushers in blooming flowers and serenading birds on long sunshine-filled days. And, in the Valley, the season’s warmer weather creates the perfect time of year for homeowners to open their pools as we have one of the longest swimming seasons. However, pool owners must first do some routine pool maintenance to ensure clear and clean water for either splashing into or lounging poolside. So, are you still dreaming of a backyard oasis, complete with a swimming pool? Contact a pool contractor to discuss your ideas and realize your dream today.

Here are a few pool maintenance tasks for you to complete this spring.

Skim the Water

Skim the water every day using a skimmer net on a long pole. The goal is to capture debris such as bugs, leaves, pollen, and more that can impact your pool’s water chemistry. Of course, you should always do this before testing the water since any debris could provide you with inaccurate information.

Check the Water Level

The next thing you should do is check the water level. If it’s low, meaning under the skimmer opening or waterline tile, raise it using a garden hose. Ensuring the correct water is essential for good circulation. It also helps you avoid costly repairs to the filtration system. An automatic water leveler could save you time and money.

Test and Adjust Water Chemistry

Maintaining the proper chemical balance in your pool is vital for clean, clear, healthy water. Take a sample of your pool water to a local pool store or do it yourself using a water test kit. Adjust the values as needed to prevent issues. An automated system will continually monitor your pool chemistry and alert you when necessary adjustments are required.

Brush and Vacuum the Swimming Pool

Maintain your pool’s walls, floors, ledges, coves, and steps by frequently brushing and vacuuming. Brushing allows you to dislodge anything that may be stuck to the side so that the vacuum can pick it up, helping to ensure your filtration system circulates for healthy water. Alternatively, you can use an automatic vacuum, which you set to brush and vacuum all pool areas on a frequent schedule.

Contact a Pool Contractor to Design Your Dream Pool

Don’t wait another minute! Make this the year you realize the benefits of having a backyard oasis, complete with a custom pool build, by scheduling a design consultation with a pool contractor. Platinum Pools & Spas will use computer-aided 3D design software to draft an artistic conception, allowing you to visualize your dream backyard oasis complete with a swimming pool and the technology for easy ongoing maintenance. Our company can also help you budget and, with low-rate financing options, finance the design so that you can lounge in your pool’s calm blue waters once the construction process is complete in about six months.


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2017 and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness in April 2022.

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