Spring Maintenance Tasks for Your Pool

spring maintenance tasks

The weather is slowly but surely heating up, which means it’s almost time for one of the most relaxing activities in the world – lounging poolside with a glass of ice cold lemonade (if you aren’t already). By performing these few spring maintenance tasks, you can ensure that your experience will be sheer perfection.

Check Water Level: If you haven’t already, spring is a good time to check your pool’s water level, which should be in the middle of your skimmer opening or halfway up the waterline tile at all times. If it’s too low, the pump can suck-in air, lose prime and stop pumping. Add water accordingly using a garden hose. You could save a lot of time and money by investing in an automatic water leveler.

Check Filter Pressure: Every pool filter has a pressure gauge located near the top of the tank. The gauge, with its round face and 0 to 60 numbers, indicates system pressure in pounds per square inch (psi). Ideally, you should’ve recorded the normal operating pressure of your filter at installation, so you have a benchmark for all future readings.

Normal pressure signifies good pool circulation. This is the sweet spot, where you can sit back in that lounge chair, relaxing on a warm summer’s day. If the pressure gets too high, you will need to backwash the filter and clean the cartridge, or hire a professional pool cleaner to do this for you.

Check Pool Cleaner: An automatic pool cleaner can save a lot of manual cleaning of dirt and debris, but they do require regular attention, like all parts of your swimming pool do. Cleaners built with their own cartridge filter systems require frequent cleaning: just open the cleaner, remove and rinse with a hose. Pool cleaners can also stop moving/pulsating, get stuck behind a pool’s safety equipment, or their hoses coiled-up; requiring attention. If there seems to be a problem, have it professionally looked at.

Skim the Pool: Want a clean pool? Skim the surface of your pool water daily! Skimming helps to keep algae, stains, and cloudy water from occurring. To begin, you will need a skimmer net attached to a telescopic pole, making it easier to reach the pool’s bottom. You can choose between a flat skimmer or a bag skimmer – just make sure it’s durable. You won’t believe how many times we’ve seen a cheap skimmer break.

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