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Swimming Pool Features: Fire & Water

With temperatures regularly in the 60s and 70s during the winter months – December through February – Phoenix residents are presented with endless opportunities to get outside. You can go out for a walk, run, or bike ride – working on your New Year Resolutions – or you can go out back and watch the flames of your swimming pool’s fire features dance along the water’s edge. From a pool builder in Phoenix, here are some ideas to help you incorporate fire features into your swimming pool design. 

Poolside Fire Pits

Fire pits are an excellent feature for any backyard, especially if you have a pool. If you’re a life long Phoenix resident, chances are you love both a good bonfire and the year-round opportunity to enjoy the pool, so why not combine both? A fire pit next to your pool provides you with pleasant warmth and the relaxing sight of the fire reflecting on the water. 


A firewall or a pool length fireplace is another great idea if you like the idea of enjoying your pool along with the heat of live fire. This feature blends the aesthetic of two natural elements that have a calming impact on many people. 

When space is more aesthetically pleasing, you are more likely to use that space. If you have an existing pool that you have been considering remodeling, talk to your pool builder from Phoenix about adding an excellent fireplace to your plans.

Fire and Water Bowls

Fire and Water bowls are another exciting option for you. Similar to the firepit and fireplace ideas, you’re bringing together two relaxing elements. Fire and water bowls are similar to fire bowls, but the cauldron is mounted within another that creates a waterfall effect. The combination of rushing water and flickering flames creates the perfect oasis. 

Tiki Torches and Lanterns

If you’ve already had a pool builder in Phoenix create your dream backyard oasis, but you feel like it’s still missing something, here’s an idea for you. Tiki torches and lanterns are an exciting addition that you can pick up at a home store or online. You can get them with flameless candles or lightable ones, depending on your needs, which is an excellent thing if you have kids. 

Get Started Today

Make your swimming pool dreams a reality by contacting Platinum Pools and Spas. Whether you want a beach entry or fire bowls, our skilled pool designers can provide you with a visualization of your backyard oasis, using the latest in three-dimensional technology.

We will work your ideas, thoughts, and needs into the design. Sun angles, privacy considerations, property drainage, and home architecture are also factored. We look at how the house and pool can become one by relating all interior elements to exterior elements. Contact us to schedule a consultation at (480) 888-9200.

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