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Three Steps to Bring Your Dream Pool to Life

Have you been dreaming of turning your backyard into a relaxing retreat where, once summer hits again, you can escape the midday sun? Here are three easy steps, beginning with contacting experienced pool builders, to help bring your dream pool or spa to life.

Step 1. Contact Experienced Pool Builders

Working with pool builders who possess local design and construction experience is essential. They will also have a current license, be insured, and offer written contracts.

The best pool builders will allow you to visualize a pool or spa in your backyard through a three-dimensional computer-aided design. Finally, they will provide expert design and equipment recommendations, building the pool to your exact specifications.

Step 2: Design Your Pool to Reflect Your Lifestyle

It is a new year and, with it, renewed opportunities to design a pool to fit your unique lifestyle. If your goal is to become more active, ensuring you meet the American Heart Association’s exercise recommendations, consider a lap pool. Because they are long and narrow, these pools are ideal for backyards with limited space, too.

If you resolved to practice self-care, many designs would promote relaxation, including the infinity pool with its disappearing edge. Various optional features, such as baja shelves or beach entries, are perfect for lounging in the water with an engaging read and ice water. You will need the latter to meet your goal of staying hydrated.

Step 3: Watch the Pool Be Built, Then Enjoy

Once you have finalized the design, selected optional features, and the pool builders have secured the required permits from your local building department, the construction process can begin. This process includes excavation, internal equipment layout and installation, gunite application, and hardscaping and decking.

Typically, it takes about eight to twelve weeks before you can add water and chemicals to enjoy your pool, although several factors can cause the build to take longer. These factors include the size of the pool and desired features. Any unique characteristics of your backyard, like an unlevel lot, may also cause construction to take a bit longer.

Platinum Pools and Spas is recognized as one of Arizona’s premier swimming pool contractors, ranking among the nation’s most exceptional custom pool builders.

Our company is renowned for building superior quality custom-designed pools and spas. These waterscapes can be complemented by a spectrum of upgrades such as exciting waterslide grottos, gazebos to escape the midday sun, fireplaces for warmth on chilly evenings, and swim-up refreshment areas.

Please schedule an appointment today at (480) 888-9200 to discuss having a custom-designed pool or spa constructed in your backyard.


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