What’s the best way to chlorinate your pool?

Chlorinating your pool.Think all chlorine is the same? Think again. While you may find a great price for discount chlorine at the store, it might not be a deal at all. Different types of chlorine have different chlorine purities. Take a look at this chart below provided by Hayward.

Chlorine Purity Comparison
Chlorine Type Percentage of Available Chlorine
Salt Chlorination 100% Available Chlorine
Trichlor 90% Available Chlorine
Calcium Hypochlorite 65% Available Chlorine
Dichlor 60% Available Chlorine
Lithium Hypochlorite 35% Available Chlorine
Liquid Chlorine 10% Available Chlorine

While salt systems supply the purest chlorine (by converting salt to chlorine), many people are hesitant to install salt systems due the cost of the initial installation. However, over the long run, you will save money as you won’t have to buy anywhere near the amount of the chlorine. Salt Chlorination is hassle-free as well as a controller decides how much chlorine you need. Hayward provides another chart to show how much chlorine is required to match a single salt cell.

Chlorine Type Amount of Chlorine needed to equal Chlorine produced by a single Salt & Swim 3C Cell
Trichlor 225 pounds
Calcium Hypochlorite 308 pounds
Dichlor 333 pounds
Lithium Hypochlorite 571 pounds
Liquid Chlorine 208 gallons

Obviously, salt cell chlorination provides the best bang for your buck when it comes to chlorination, but if you still decide to have a traditional chlorine system, be sure to read the ingredients on the package. You may save a few bucks on discount chlorine but not getting anywhere the amount of ‘chlorine’ that you actually need.

If you ever have a question regarding pools or chlorinating systems, please do not hesitate to contact Platinum Pools!

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