Why Swimming Pools Make The Ultimate Holiday Gift

the ultimate holiday gift

When contemplating the ultimate holiday gift for your loved ones, it’s fair to say that a new backyard swimming pool is not the first thing that comes to mind for many people, unless you happen to be Clark Griswold. In the 1989 classic film, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” all Clark Griswold wanted to do was give his family a brand new swimming pool that his family could soon enjoy.

Like Clark Griswold, many families – think: Arizona families – find the holiday season to be the perfect time of year to contemplate building the ultimate summer sanctuary, especially since it holds the promise of togetherness…among other benefits including; monetary savings, extending the time you have to use it in the spring and summer months, and make up for the many well-intentioned but ill-received Holiday gifts you’re sure to receive.

Choosing the Perfect Pool for Your Family

The trick to choosing the perfect swimming pool layout is a little more involved than picking between a Playstation 4 and an Xbox One – or any other gift this holiday season. There are materials, shapes, circulation systems, zoning requirements, and more. It’s enough to make your head spin. And you thought your most difficult decision this December would be deciding what holiday cookies to bake! But fear not.

The experts at Platinum Pools and Spas are available to help you come to a final decision on all of these things. And, because inground swimming pools are subject to building and zoning requirements just like any other home improvement projects, our experts will help you avoid the Grinch when obtaining them, regardless of which city you reside in – zone rules differ from city to city. As for materials, there are two options:

Concrete: This is the most popular option in Arizona because of its durability, long lifespan (50+ years!), and ability to be molded into virtually any shape you can dream up. The construction of concrete swimming pools typically take around 12 weeks from beginning (breaking ground) to the end (adding water) of the installation process.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass pools are installed as molded shells into excavated holes. Because of this, they’re typically not available in wide variety of shapes and sizes. This, along with the fact that their less durable, makes them increasingly less popular – especially with Arizona families. They are, however, less expensive than concrete pools.

Now that you’ve decided what material your pool should be made of, you can start thinking about shapes/sizes, depth, circulation, and let’s not forget, the fun details such as diving boards, dancing fountains, colored lights, glowing fire pits, bejeweled tanning ledges, and beach entries – the customization options are endless! Be sure to speak with your pool contractor about the available options for decking out your new swimming pool.

Why Buying a Pool in the Winter Makes Perfect Sense

We know what you’re thinking: Why should a new swimming pool be part of my family’s yuletide festivities rather than our trip to Disneyland in the spring? There are in fact many reasons why building a swimming pool in the winter months may actually be a pretty brilliant idea. For starters, many pool builders are offering Holiday specials, but none as good as the one we at Platinum are offering.

Having a swimming pool building during the colder months of the year is also more practical than waiting to build in the spring or summer. That’s because, if you were to wait until the spring, you wouldn’t get to enjoy your new pool until the summer’s end. Building in January will ensure your pool’s good to go the minute the weather heats up again. Plus, like Clark Griswold, you can use your Holiday bonus.

Tips for Making a Splash with the Ultimate Holiday Gift

No matter what type of pool you decide to have built, surprising your family with the announcement of a pool will make this holiday one of the most memorable ones your loved ones have ever experienced (perhaps even better than Disneyland?); as long as you don’t kidnap your boss in the process. Here are a few tips for making a splash with the ultimate holiday gift this holiday season:

  • Get creative with your presentation. Wrap up gifts your family can enjoy with their new pool such as goggles, pool floats, bathing suits, and sunscreen. Now’s the perfect time to find these items on clearance rakes everywhere.
  • Decided up front what type of circulation system your pool will use: salt or tablet chlorine treated water. You should never wait until the last minute to do your research on the pros and cons of each type of circulation system.
  • Buy your pool supplies during the building process. You will find that many local home improvement and big box stores have reduced their summer inventory to make room for their holiday inventory. Meaning a great price for you.

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