Why Swimming Pools Make The Ultimate Holiday Gift

Although things may not have gone according to plan, Clark Griswold‘s idea of having a swimming pool built during Chicago’s frigid winter was nothing short of genius, as it ensured the pool would be ready by summer.

If you don’t already have one, a swimming pool will make a fantastic gift that keeps on giving since the whole family can enjoy it, possibly even year-round. That is the beauty of living in Arizona.

How a Swimming Pool is Built

The process of building a pool is more extensive than people realize but it remains a quality investment for your home. Platinum Pools wants to give you a general idea of the process of how a swimming pool is built from permits to your pool start-up in this post. 

After deciding to have a pool installed, your contractor will help you get the necessary permits for the project. Throughout the building process inspections are usually required, so be prepared for periodic delays while waiting for these. 

Before the excavation of your pool, an experienced project manager will visit your home to prepare your yard for the project. After doing some measurements, they will mark the outline of the pool, along with where all pool equipment will be. On your scheduled excavation day, your pool will be dug-out. 

After the excavation, the installation process will begin. Your plumbing is installed and pressure tested to ensure there are no leaks before the electrical and concrete installation. Steel reinforcement is then mounted to ensure the structural integrity of your pool.

Electrical is usually the next step in the installation process along with grounding wiring for any metal within five feet of the edge of the pool. Grounding wiring will ensure your safety whether using or being around your pool. Before the pouring of the concrete, your city will require an inspection to ensure it meets all codes.

Once your pool passes inspection, the construction process can continue. Concrete will be the next part of the construction process. Once the concrete has cured, post-installation projects can begin. Your pool decking, landscaping, and any additional projects will add the final touches to your pool. 

The last steps in how a swimming pool is built are cleanup, final inspections, and start-up. All construction debris is removed from your yard, and any trenches built during the process will be filled in. The last review will ensure the safety of your pool. 

When your contractor gets the green light from the inspector, they can add any finishing touches, and start up your pool. Once the water is flowing, the team will make necessary adjustments to the equipment, ensuring it is functioning correctly. 

Gift Ideas for Those with an Existing Pool

If you have an existing in-ground pool that doesn’t have a heater, it’s a great gift to consider. A heater will extend the amount of use you and your family get out of your pool year-round. A company like Platinum Pools and Spas can go over your options, helping you select the best product based on your specific needs and budget.

Another excellent holiday gift idea for those with pools are solar blankets because they can reduce how much heat is lost. These are great for Phoenix because it makes it easier for you to keep your pool comfortable and reduce your heating cost. 

Get Started Today

Platinum Pools and Spas is recognized as one of Arizona’s premier pool contractors. We are known for contracting with Valley residents and homebuilders to construct custom swimming pool designs. The design process includes an in-home consultation.

We look at how your home and dream pool can become one by relating all interior elements to exterior elements. Our sales staff can provide you with information on pricing and financing the pool of your dreams when you contact us at (480) 888-9200.

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